Town Hall Announced, Community Growth, PSM, and USDH on Orca

Thank you for reading this week's edition of The Hubble Post! DeFi moves at breakneck speed (though Hubble doesn't like to move fast and break things, as a rule), and we're glad you're here to catch up on anything you've missed over the last week as news has been flying by left and right.

Hubble is building a community around the best DeFi products and services we can build together, and it's the input from people like you, dear reader, that makes it happen. Let's start with some community news.

Next Hubble Town Hall Will Be on May 10th

Hubble's Town Hall meetings are becoming legendary. We want to talk with you, and we want to hear what you think!

Join us for the next Town Hall this May 10th. Everyone is invited, and every user is encouraged to join the conversation.


Hubble's Ambassador Program Wants You!

Hubble's ambassadors have been a driving force in making this community something special. They've been answering questions and stoking the hearth of this protocol's fire since before the day Hubble launched.

The enthusiasm our ambassadors have brought to every conversation has been contagious, and there are a lot of users who have caught "Hubble Fever" on our Discord. Let's talk about how we can build on this enthusiasm.

We’ve shared our proposal for the community ambassador program on the forum, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from different users. Check out the proposal and share some of your ideas for how we can build a strong community program from the ground up!

Who Doesn't Love Stickers?

In case you haven’t seen, Hubble stickers are finally here!

We want YOU to help inspire the next batch of epic stickers for our community. Get involved in our new sticker contest and give us your best ideas for a chance to win some HBB. Join our Discord and check out the #contest channel for more info!

Deposit. Mint. Stake.
Pepe loves USDH.

Here Comes the Peg Stability Module

Hubble will soon implement a peg stability module (PSM) to help maintain a tight peg on USDH. We've moved away from a redemption mechanism, since it would create a poor user experience for those who are redeemed against, and in its place, we've decided to follow the path trailblazed by MakerDAO in building a PSM.

You can read more about the PSM below, and you can also join the conversation about this implementation by joining the Hubble Forum.

USDH Became the Fourth Stablecoin Pair on Orca

Orca is one of the leading DEXs on Solana, and now USDH has become the fourth stablecoin listed for pairing on its platform. It's overwhelming to see how much adoption USDH has seen over the last few weeks.

Users who pair their liquidity with USDH can have the peace of mind that no central authority can shut it off without notice, and that's huge for the long-term goals of DeFi. It will be great to see how much liquidity gets deposited paired with USDH!

Orca makes USDH a paired token on its DEX.

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