Solend USDH Pool, UX Clinic, Town Hall Notes, and Education Efforts

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post, your roundup of news from Hubble Protocol. It looks like we've had quite a busy week working with other projects on Solana!

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post, your roundup of news from Hubble Protocol. It looks like we've had quite a busy week working with other projects on Solana!

The DeFi community on Solana has been building its heart out, and it's really amazing to see the fruits of these labors come together through various partnership activities.

Solend Launched a USDH Pool Featuring Bluechip Crypto Assets

Solend is the biggest lending protocol on Solana. At the time of writing, Solend boasts the highest TVL on the network, and we're hoping to see millions added to that figure with the launch of the USDH Pool.

Solend's announcement of the USDH Pool launch.

The USDH Pool is an isolated pool on Solend featuring USDH, BTC, ETH, and mSOL. USDH can also be found in the Stablecoin Pool and the Coin98 Pool, but this is the first pool dedicated to our stablecoin.

Users who participate in the USDH Pool can earn HBB rewards for borrowing USDH or providing liquidity and borrowing BTC, ETH, or mSOL. The pool has attracted around $1.7 million in total supply after only a few days!

Ori the Orca Examined the Hubble User Experience

Orca is one of the top DEXs on Solana, and the project prides itself on being one of the most user-friendly platforms in DeFi. In fact, Orca's motto is "The DEX for people, not programs."

Orca's announcement of the first episode of Ori the Orca's UX Clinic.

Ori the Orca has a keen eye for improving UX and streamlining the user journey, and she has begun a UX clinic series where Hubble was the very first guest.

Ori spent nearly an hour exploring the Hubble landing page and minting USDH, and she provided an incredible amount of insight and critique, and Hubble will integrate much of Ori's advice in the near future. We definitely took a lot of notes!

Read the July Town Hall Recap

Hubble Protocol holds a Community Town Hall every month to speak with the community. It's an opportunity for anyone who joins to speak their mind, ask questions, and help shape the future of Hubble.

There were some important updates in this month's Town Hall, and you can find the minutes for this meeting in the tweet below.

The Hubble Town Hall meeting notes.

Hubble Kicked Off Our DeFi Deep Dive Series with Raydium

Hubble Protocol is dedicated to making DeFi something in which everyone can participate. Education is an important element of fulfilling this mission, so we've begun a "crypto basics" series of articles and video walkthroughs.

Hubble and Raydium help explain how to yield farm on Solana.

In our first video of the series, we traced the user journey to begin yield farming on Raydium from a beginner's point of view. Expect more videos on a variety of DeFi topics for beginners, intermediates, and expert-level users.

Hubble Began a Community Coding School on Discord

Yes, we really are serious about education. DeFi relies 100% on code, and there wouldn't be a DeFi community if it weren't for the programmers chewing glass behind the scenes to make it all work, so we've begun a series of coding lessons on our Discord.

The first session was led by one of our most active community members, and we hope to see more users get involved in the future.  Come build with us–the more builders, the better!

Until Next Time

Our dev team has been holding their nose to the grindstone for weeks, so stay tuned and watch out for what's coming over the next month.

A stunning amount of work is about to go live, but we can't spill the beans just yet. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to catch the alpha as it happens.

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