PSM Launch, Outflow Caps, Stability Fees, USDH CLMMs, and DeFi Llama

Read about several new updates to the protocol and find out where to LP your USDH for concentrated rewards.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! We've launched a ton of features and updates recently, and we hope to see you at the next Town Hall for a chat about what Hubble is doing and what's coming up on the roadmap.

Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, August 9th, and join us on the Hubble Discord at 3 PM UTC. We'd rather talk with the community than to ourselves, so raise your hand and join the conversation when you're there.

And now, here are your Hubble updates.

The Peg Stability Module, Stability Fees, and Net Outflow Caps, Oh My!

Watch out! The dev team has been cranking out updates that will strengthen Hubble and USDH for long-term growth and sustainability, and in this edition of The Hubble Post, we get to brag about three new additions to the protocol.

Peg Stability Module

The long-awaited release of Hubble's Peg Stability Module (PSM) is here. The launch of the PSM is part of our commitment to defend USDH's peg, no matter what–whether USDH is up or down, the PSM is a mechanism the community can rely on to bring our stablecoin back to parity with USD.

What's great about the PSM is that it has kept USDH's peg tighter than ever since we began testing it out, and nary a single user needs to worry about having their collateral redeemed against to lift USDH back to $1.00.

In addition, users can profit from the risk-free arbitrage opportunities the PSM provides. The market is brutal on stablecoins, and the PSM is a great decentralized way to incentivize users to help us maintain a solid peg.

Stability Fees

The next update on our list provides USDH with yet another pegging mechanism, Stability Fees. These fees can be equated to adjustable interest rates, a proven tool for controlling supply and demand.

If USDH begins flooding the market and knocks its price below peg, Stability Fees can be raised so users will have an incentive to repay their loans and increase the buy pressure on USDH, lifting the peg at the same time.

Introducing Stability Fees allows Hubble to offer users a native yield garnered from the interest earned by raising of these rates. It's part of our focus on creating as many opportunities for our community to participate in DeFi and earn real yield, and it's also just good old economic common sense.

Net Outflow Caps

The third release to grace Hubble Protocol's smart contracts is the addition of net outflow caps. These caps are a security measure that will help prevent and mitigate the effects of an exploit if–heaven forbid–one were to happen.  

Hubble tests its code to the nth degree, we audit, and we still lie awake at night worried about what we can do to increase the security of the protocol. We're building in an environment where anything can and does happen, so there's little reason we shouldn't have such an obsession with security!

More Concentrated Liquidity for USDH

Concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMMs) are extremely capital-efficient options for supplying liquidity on a DEX. We're confident in the future of CLMMs and the impact they will have on trade within the Solana ecosystem, and we're excited to see more CLMM pools opening up that feature USDH!

Orca Whirlpools

Orca's Whirlpools have grown in rank to include several more USDH pairings, bringing the count up to six active USDH paired CLMM pools on Orca alone. Users who provide liquidity to facilitate trades on these Whirlpools are in for a treat, too: concentrated fees and rewards in HBB, MNDE, LDO, STEP, and ORCA.  


Invariant is one of the latest projects to debut CLMM technology on Solana. Their pools are permissionless, and anyone can create a CLMM pool to provide liquidity for the tokens of their choosing; however, you'll want to provide liquidity on the USDH/USDC pool while HBB rewards last.

If you'd like to learn more about CLMMs and how you can provide liquidity on Invariant, check out our blog post full of explanations and instructions.

DeFi Llama Has Added USDH to the Stablecoins Dashboard

DeFi Llama is one of the community's most informative websites covering current TVL and trends across dozens of blockchains where users participate in DeFi. Now, you can find USDH listed in DeFi Llama's Stablecoins Dashboard along with every major stablecoin in crypto.

Pay attention as USDH climbs up the leaderboard. We have a funny feeling that this token is going places and will do big things one day 😉.

Until Next Time

We hope to see many of you joining the upcoming Hubble Town Hall, but if you can't make it, you'll find a recap here in The Hubble Post.

Until next time, be safe out there folks!

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