New UI Live, April Town Hall, Hubble Forum, and Integrations Galore

Welcome to this week's edition of The Hubble Post!

This is Hubble's special spot for special folks who care about Hubble, and we're glad you're here! If you don't have the time to lurk on Twitter or participate in our Discord server, then The Hubble Post has got your back.

The New Hubble Protocol User Interface Launched Thursday

Hubble launched a little over two months ago, and since then we have received tons of feedback about our UI. Well, we listened to that feedback and implemented quite a few changes based on what our users had to say.

The redesign is not only sleek, slick, and easy on the eyes, it's taken strides to put UX front and center. You'll find a great walkthrough about the updates here:

Tweet thread following the recent UI changes.

You can also visit us at and see what's new for yourself!

Tons of Alpha in April's Monthly Town Hall

Hubble is hosting a Community Town Hall every month to keep in touch with users on a regular basis. At these Town Halls, we don't want to just talk at you, we'd like you to join the conversation, so come join!

If you missed this month's Town Hall on Thursday (same day as the UI launch), you missed out on a few updates from a few members of the team about upcoming changes to Hubble and what happened at Solana Miami. Have no fear, though, this is why The Hubble Post is here:

Hubble tweet with Town Hall notes and link to blog summary.

The Hubble Forum is Officially Live!

We're queueing launch after launch these days, and the official launch of the Hubble Forum has been many days in the making. It's been active, but under the RADAR, for a few weeks, and now everyone is invited to join.

The Hubble Forum is a space for the community to discuss serious topics in-depth and at a greater length than can be afforded by social media; a forum is an essential cog in the machine that is a DAO, and it's a big step towards community governance, so please join and add your two cents:

Hubble Has Been Stacking Up Integrations on Solana

It's hard to believe this news is so far down the list, but it has been an exciting week. Hubble and USDH are steadily increasing their presence in Solana DeFi with integration after integration made on protocol after protocol.

Starting next week, you'll find Hubble on Sonar Watch and track all of these integrations in one place:

Sonar Watch tweeted about integrating Hubble Protocol.

Starting off, you can earn yield on USDH in Solend's Coin98 Pool:

Tweet about the Coin98 Pool on Solend featuring USDH.

And then earn yield LPing USDH-NIRV on Crema:

Coming Up Next Week

Watch out for Easter eggs on Hubble this Sunday. If you pay attention, you could win some USDH!

USDH-UST Pool goes live on Saber, maybe as you read this. (*Update: UST pool now inactive)

Recovery Mode will be disabled on Monday, April 17th.

Crypto Rand will host Hubble for an AMA this Wednesday, April 19th.

Stay tuned for much, much more!

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