Looking Back at Hubble’s Summer Internship Program

Hubble led a summer internship program for a few aspiring devs looking to help build the future of Web3 and DeFi. Read what they had to say about the experience.

Summer is traditionally a time for exploring new things, especially on Solana. The Summer Camp Hackathon brought hundreds of budding developers to the network looking to win a share of $5 million in seed money for their summertime coding efforts, and it will be exciting to see which projects begin gaining traction.

At Hubble Protocol, the development team opened a summer internship program for aspiring engineers. After sorting through many candidates, three interns were selected to spend a few months working with some of Hubble's devs to boost their skills in Rust and see what it's like building a successful project on Solana.

At the end of the internship, we asked the interns to write about their experience with Hubble. Here's what they had to say.

Working with Hubble's Dev Team

The Hubble team has become a tight-knit group, but it's a group that embraces a pretty large orbit. One intern enthusiastically wrote, "The most awesome thing about Hubble is how active the community is." Another intern echoed this sentiment: "Things that make Hubble unique are the people working there and the community!"

Adding to the last comment, this intern said, "Hubble is not just building a DeFi company but a solid community. People working there are super awesome and welcoming. I never felt any difficulty to reach out to them and clear my doubts."

More highlights from the interns looking back on their time with Hubble:

  • "They were always open and ready to help. They also didn't mind hopping on a call to debug the issues I was facing."
  • "We got to be part of the decision-making process related to the project. I never felt that I was not being heard or my ideas were undermined by others."
  • "Hubble has one of the best work cultures I have ever experienced. People also joke around apart from just working. We as interns always had the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions not just about the project but Web3 in general!"
  • "Thanks a lot to Elliot, Olivier, and Andrei! They are super awesome and some of the best engineers I have interacted with in my life!"

Diving Head First into Solana, Web3, and DeFi

The interns had little to no experience developing on a blockchain, so one intern speaks for them all when saying, "Everything I saw was new for me." A different intern wrote, "At first, I was a little intimidated by the new concepts, but with the help of the maintainers and resources, I overcame it."

And overcome she did: "The project I was working on required Solana basics and architecture. I got to learn Solana fundamentals from scratch and understand the Solana architecture in depth."

Everyone remembers their first time with Web3 and DeFi. One intern shared, "I never before worked on Web3 or Solana. What are smart contracts? How do they work? Why do we need them? Everything I got to know was because of this internship!" Also, "Before working here, I didn't know how much exposure and impact DeFi had."

Looking ahead: "Web3 definitely has an amazing future. To learn more about it, I have started exploring it more, building projects, and participating in hackathons!" and "Hubble itself is the proof that DeFi is going to many places and it is leveraging the power of blockchain for creating a global financial system."

Parting Words for People Looking to Join Web3

The interns learned a lot from their behind-the-scenes duties at Hubble, and they left a few words of wisdom for others aspiring to get started in Web3. First, "It might look a little complex/intimidating at the start. But when you actually explore what it has to offer, you will be amazed."

Another intern gave some advice for working on Solana. He said, "It could be a little intimidating, but moreover, it is super interesting, so hang on and ask questions. Having a little knowledge of Rust helps for Solana. So it is always amazing to have some knowledge beforehand. Rust is love."

Stellar advice! We're glad to see the interns learn a lot about building on Solana during their time at Hubble. We wish them the best of luck with all their future endeavors.

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