USDH Holds, Lido Partnership, New Collateral, and May Town Hall

The good news that surfaced from this week's market mess is Hubble passed its first major stress test with flying colors.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post. We know it's been a rough week for a lot of people in the Hubble community, and we hope you're doing well.

Join us on the Hubble Discord if you ever feel like you need a chat. We're in this together, and we're glad you're here with us!

The good news that surfaced from this week's market mess is Hubble passed its first major stress test with flying colors. USDH held its peg throughout several days of extreme market forces!

Screenshot of USDH price during the recent crash.

The protocol survived a bashing, dodged a bullet with UST, and we're going to be stronger for it. We'll publish a detailed report about what happened with Hubble during those hectic days in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Hubble Protocol Partnered with Lido Finance

Lido Finance is one of the biggest names in DeFi. They've facilitated over $15 billion worth of liquid staking for ETH and have already helped stake over $300 million SOL for stSOL.

We're proud to start working with Lido to increase the liquidity of stSOL on Solana.

Hubble and Lido have announced a partnership.

The partnership kicks off with stSOL-USDH liquidity pools launching on Raydium and Orca. Rewards are up for grabs in HBB and LDO, so keep an eye out for when these pools go live!

Additionally...hold on to your britches...Hubble will be adding Lido's stSOL to our protocol. You can begin borrowing USDH against your stSOL in the coming weeks.

Hubble is Getting Ready to Onboard New Collateral

The time has come, the code is tested and ready, and soon users will be able to deposit several new types of collateral. This update should attract all sorts of new users looking to enhance the liquidity of their held assets.

You can join the forum and vote on which new types of collateral you'd like to see whitelisted on Hubble. There are about 20 kinds of tokens to choose from on the list, and you can choose up to five.

Vote for the collateral you'd like to see added to Hubble.

Hubble's Community Gathered for May Town Hall

Hubble holds monthly Town Hall meetings to share updates about what has happened and what we're thinking about. We invite everyone to join these gatherings and express their opinions about how we are doing.

This month's Town Hall was held in the thick of the madness as UST and LUNA were racing to zero, and it seemed like the rest of the market was trying to follow suit. Of course, the drama that was unfolding steered much of the conversation.

If you missed the May Town Hall, we've got you covered. You will find plenty of Hubble alpha to munch on in the post-meeting wrap-up

Hubble held its May Town Hall.

Join Hubble for Poker Night on Discord

We've all had a pretty hard week, and now it's time to have some fun. The Hubble team will be hosting a poker night on Wednesday at 8 PM UTC, and all are welcome to join.  

The buy-in is 1 SOL, which seems to be available at a discount these days! The game will be tournament-style, so winner takes all.

Join the Hubble Poker Night on Discord.

Until Next Time

We can't wait to tell you about what we've been up to next week. Due to the market situation, we had to put some updates and integrations on hold, so the coming days are going to be pretty full-on.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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