Learn Solana Lending Basics with Solend

Everything you should know about crypto lending on Solana, explained by Solend Protocol. Solend is the leading platform on Solana for crypto lending and borrowing, with more than 200 million in TVL.

Last week, Solend Protocol shared everything users need to know about crypto lending on Solana, including the current best lending strategies.

Here's a summary of the points discussed during this talk:

  • What is Crypto Lending and how it works
  • The risks of using a Lending Protocol
  • What happened with the "Solend Whale"
  • Solend cTokens explained
  • Current "best" strategies to do with Solend Platform
  • How Solend Permissionless Pools work
  • The future of Solana Crypto Lending

Watch now the replay with Solend Crypto Protocol on Hubble's YouTube channel:

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