June Highlights, MonkeDAO Frens, Trading Comp Winners, and Quiz Night

Check out what happened this week at Hubble!

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! Before we get to the news, let's talk about building the future.

Every month, the Hubble team gathers with the community to discuss recent developments and invite discussions about the direction of the protocol.

You're cordially invited to join us for the next Hubble Town Hall! We will be hosting our fireside chat on Discord this Monday at 4 PM UTC.

Invitation to join the July Hubble Town Hall

While there will be tons of alpha bandied about from our side, we're excited to hear from anyone and everyone who has an opinion about what we could do better and what they would like to see Hubble working on in the future. Let your voice be heard!

Now, let's see what you might have missed this week.

Check Out the June Highlights Megathread!

Yes, this is news about the news, but take a journey down memory lane with the following thread as it concentrates a month's worth of highlights in one place.

Twitter thread covering a month of updates from Hubble

It was a great month of building partnerships and integrations that culminated in the Hubble team meeting in meatspace for the first time at the Solana Hacker House in Barcelona.  

Hubble and MonkeDAO Held a Twitter Fireside Chat

Hubble and MonkeDAO really love to schmooze. We met up in Barcelona and everyone got along like a house on fire. The energy between these two teams is nothing less than electric.

Talking with other people who are passionate about what they do is an amazing experience. Put the Hubble gang and Monkes in the same room, and great ideas are practically bouncing off the walls.

Link to the Hubble and MonkeDAO fireside chat

It's hard to capture that same energy over the internet, but you can catch some of that quicksilver by listening to Hubble and MonkeDAO banter on Twitter for nearly an hour. We can't wait to work more with the Monkes!

The First USDH Trading Competition Winners Have Been Announced

In partnership with Jupiter Aggregator and STEP'N, Hubble held the first of many trading competitions to come. We recently added a Jupiter-powered Swap page on Hubble, and we're making a few lucky traders' bags a little heavier to celebrate.

Announcement for the winners of the first Hubble and Jupiter trading competition

Each week will feature a different project's tokens paired with USDH. Users earn tickets to enter a raffle by swapping these tokens, and $1,000 USDH is rewarded to lucky winners after each week of the trading competition.

Thanks to STEP'N for helping sweeten the pot on this inaugural run!

Join Hubble and Port Finance for Quiz Night!

Who doesn't love a good Quiz Night? Since anyone can join from anywhere in the world, we obviously had to call this event "Quiz Time," but you get the picture!

This Saturday at 4 PM UTC, join us in the virtual pub that is the Port Finance Discord to answer trivia questions about each protocol.

Until Next Time

Thanks again for reading The Hubble Post. We really hope to hear from you on Monday when we host our next Town Hall, and if you can't make it, you'll of course be able to read all about it in next week's edition.

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