Hubble in WSJ, USDH MNDE Gauges, and Crypto Basics Series

Hubble made it into the Wall Street Journal, and that's not even the biggest news we have to share.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! This week has flown by as the Hubble Protocol team is cranking on all gears and getting ready for a big launch.

If you caught Hubble's August Town Hall, you might remember a big secret that we're dying to tell you about...but we can't. The good news is that there is light at the end of the development tunnel, and a closed beta test is on the horizon.

You won't have to wait for long to see what goods we have in store! But, you will have to hold tight, and hang on to these savory bits of news in the meantime.

Hubble Protocol Got Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

The recent sanctions on Tornado Cash have sent shockwaves through the crypto world, has raised several questions about censorship resistance, and the kerfuffle made the mainstream news.

How mainstream? The Wall Street Journal reached out to experts in crypto looking for commentary, and it found nuggets of wisdom from Hubble's own Head of Growth, Mark. You can read the article here:

We're pretty chuffed to have Mark representing Hubble in the WSJ.

We're hoping this doesn't go to Mark's head, but it's kind of a big deal. Speaking of big deals, SolanaFM published a magnificent report on whale strategies involving USDH.

The publication outlines several different ways high-net-worth individuals, otherwise known as whales, are using Hubble Protocol. The article examines whale strategies and offers some insights that anyone can benefit from reading.

Thank you to SolanaFM for putting in the work it takes to write a piece like this!

Read about whale strategies from SolanaFM's latest deep dive.

You Can Now Vote for Marinade Gauges on mSOL/USDH Rewards

Marinade Finance is consistently pushing the development of the Solana DeFi ecosystem to new levels. Its approach to governance and rewards distribution is tops, and we're extremely proud to announce that users can now use their MNDE to vote for rewards emissions on the mSOL/USDH Orca Whirlpool.

The mSOL/USDH Whirlpool helps LPs capture more fees by concentrating their liquidity deposits around current price ranges, and it also rewards users with MNDE. Now, you can vote to increase the MNDE rewards supplied to the mSOL/USDH pool, a first for any Solana-native stablecoin.

Users can now use MNDE to increase rewards for the mSOL/USDH pool on Orca.

Get out and vote!

Hubble Ramped Up Educational Efforts on Security and Other DeFi Basics

Hubble Protocol has a long-term vision of onboarding a massive amount of people to join the Solana DeFi community. Education is a huge part of fulfilling this goal, so Hubble has been running a series of articles and talks covering the basics of participating in DeFi.

Most recently, Hubble hosted OtterSec for a talk about protocol security. A recording of the talk will be hosted soon on Hubble's YouTube channel, but if you can't wait for the upload (edits on the way), check out the recent blog post on the subject:

Read about how what to look for when vetting DeFi protocols.

Hubble Protocol's Crypto Basics series will cover many different issues in DeFi. Hubble also spoke with Francium about leveraged yield farming, and you can learn about various strategies, from long to neutral to short, here:

Until Next Time

We are incredibly close to launching something really amazing. We'll be dropping hints and teasing the community for a while before we officially go public with our next release, so make sure you tune in to our various social channels.

This isn't a drill. Stay tuned!

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