Hubble and Step Finance Launch Triple-Dip LP Rewards on Orca

Provide liquidity for the STEP-USDH Whirpool today, and begin earning triple-dip rewards for a generous APY while it lasts.

Hubble has teamed up with Step Finance to launch a STEP-USDH pool on Orca. The STEP-USDH pool will go live in Rotation #4 of Orca's Concentrated Liquidity Whirlpools on June 2nd, 2022.

In addition, each project will reward liquidity providers (LPs) with triple-dip token incentives in HBB, STEP & ORCA. LPs can receive triple-dip rewards between June 2nd and August 25th for providing STEP-USDH liquidity.

Hubble and Step Work Together for Long-Term Success in DeFi

HBB and STEP are tokens with long-term value. Moreover, both tokens are backed by projects with missions to make DeFi on Solana a force to be reckoned with in the current multi-chain environment.

Hubble and Step are working to provide the tools necessary to participate and manage participation in DeFi successfully. For example, users can access the liquidity trapped in their held tokens with Hubble's USDH, and they can track all of their DeFi positions, including those with USDH, on Step's intuitive dashboard.

Look out for what each project has in store, especially as we begin working together to increase our impact on the growth of Solana DeFi.

The STEP-USDH Liquidity Pool and Triple-Dip Rewards Go Live on Thursday

On Thursday, June 2nd, the STEP-USDH pool goes live on Orca. Users can deposit STEP and USDH to the liquidity pool to earn a whopping three token combo. In addition, users who deposit liquidity the earliest will benefit from receiving more HBB, STEP, and ORCA rewards than those who arrive late to the party.

Orca's Triple-Dip Whirpool rewards boost for STEP-USDH will run from June 2nd until August 25th. Each week, users can earn up to 1,500 HBB, 13,300 STEP, and 250 ORCA for the duration of the Triple-Dip Whirlpool.

This Whirlpool is one liquidity position users will want to find tracked on their Step dashboard. Thanks to Step, users will be able to view their position on Hubble, track their APY in the STEP-USDH liquidity pool, and gain insights into their rewards from three stellar projects–all in one place.

Provide liquidity for the STEP-USDH Whirpool today, and begin earning triple-dip rewards for a generous APY while it lasts.

About Hubble Protocol

Hubble Protocol allows users to borrow USDH, a censorship-resistant stablecoin, against the value of their crypto assets (SOL, mSOL, BTC, ETH, and other major tokens on Solana). USDH is a Solana-native, overcollateralized stablecoin that can earn yield natively on Hubble and multiple platforms across the Solana ecosystem.

Hubble strives to improve user experience, build a solid community, and develop innovative products and services in DeFi, beginning with USDH. Follow Hubble's Roadmap for regularly updated insights into the project's latest developments.

About Step Finance

Step Finance developed and launched the first portfolio management dashboard available on Solana. Users can track and manage their positions across a wide range of Solana DeFi protocols, including, but not limited to, borrowing/lending, NFT collectibles, liquidity, yield farming, and margin markets.

In addition to Step Finance's all-in-one DeFi dashboard, the protocol provides tools for users who wish to increase their productivity and participation in DeFi. Step helps users discover opportunities in DeFi across Solana, and users who stake STEP for xSTEP can earn rewards generated by the protocol's fees.

Keep in Touch

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