Hubble Protocol’s Community Earned 2,500 HBB Through Feedback Since Launch

Hubble Protocol is committed to making decentralized finance (DeFi) a great user experience (UX). We want Hubble to be useful and easy to use, and we want to see UDSH become the most sought-after stablecoin on Solana.

To make that happen, it will take a lot of work to get Web3 feeling like Web2. If you look at our roadmap, we’ve planned a lot of the coming year with this goal in mind, and we have the resources and energy to push Hubble out onto the center stage for DeFi users around the world.

In addition to following the roadmap, we recognize that listening to the community and implementing changes based on user feedback is important for Hubble’s success. We’re a dynamic organization, and we’re leveraging this dynamism into an unparalleled UX.

Hubble Has Rewarded Around 2,500 HBB Since DevNet

Before we officially launched, Hubble released a public DevNet and asked users to report bugs and provide feedback. Since then, we’ve received over 400 individual responses, and the community input keeps coming strong!

A lot of this valuable feedback has been rewarded with HBB tokens. Around 2,500 HBB have been distributed to users whose feedback helped strengthen the protocol.

We’re always looking for feedback from users who have ideas to contribute, and we want to make sure anyone who participates in this process is fairly rewarded. So please, keep the feedback coming our way, and if we implement your suggestions, you’ll get some HBB!

How Hubble’s Community Has Spearheaded Recent Change

Much of the feedback we’ve received revolves around improving Hubble’s user interface (UI). We’re not going to be happy with the way users interact with Hubble until our UI/UX can be described as a “seamless experience.”

The current UI/UX feedback is being implemented ASAP with upgrades that include a revamped look and numerous improvements regarding the way users interact with the protocol.

The launch of Hubble’s new UI is around the corner, and the finishing touches are being applied right now–stay tuned!

Hubble Protocol’s Devs are Constantly Updating the Backend

Some users may have noticed Hubble was down for around 30 minutes over the weekend. This downtime was related to several upgrades that will allow the protocol to accept new kinds of collateral, a feature many users have been asking for.

Soon, users will deposit a wider variety of single asset tokens, LP tokens, and other yield-bearing assets. As a result, you’ll be able to access the liquidity trapped in many more of your long-term holding assets, and, more importantly, USDH will become a more liquid asset on Solana as more assets can be borrowed against to mint USDH.

Hubble’s dev team is full of talented and dedicated minds. Unfortunately, much of what they do goes unnoticed, so we’ll be introducing Dev Notes regularly, so everyone can have a look into what’s going on behind the scenes at Hubble Protocol.

How We’re Building with Insight from Community Forums

Hubble is hosting a Community Forum every month on our Discord. We want to converse with our users during these forums rather than speak at them. That’s why we’re departing from the traditional AMA format with tons of talk and a little room for questions at the end by inviting users to speak throughout the forum.

Our last forum, held March 10th, discussed some major changes on how USDH will be pegged to the dollar. Long story short, we’re going to shelve the planned redemption mechanism in favor of Stability Fees (like an adjustable interest rate) and a Peg Stability Module (PSM).

These measures follow in the footsteps of DeFi’s most successful decentralized stablecoin, DAI, and the conversation around these changes was incredibly positive. Some amazing ideas were shortlisted for development due to this forum, and we hope many more people join in the dialogue next time, in April.

Hubble Will Get By With a Little Help from Our Friends

We have to make many decisions that will shape the future of Hubble Protocol and the place USDH has in the wider DeFi ecosystem. Thankfully, we’re not making these decisions alone!

The new UI has been painstakingly crafted using feedback from the community, and it will undoubtedly continue to see upgrades as long as our core community continues to join the process.

Expect loads of new features in the coming weeks as we implement your feedback into Hubble Protocol.

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