Nova Finance Creates Automated Strategies for Users to Thrive in DeFi

Hubble has partnered with Nova Finance, an asset management protocol that simplifies DeFi for the newcomer and the veteran.

Nova Finance is a Solana protocol creating user-friendly approaches to decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi has created incredible opportunities for people to manage their assets by interacting with blockchain technology, and Nova is opening the door to these opportunities with its programmable asset framework.

A project like Nova recognizes that not everyone has the ability to manage the steep learning curve DeFi presents in order to take part in a blockchain-based global financial system.

Additionally, users who are already higher up the curve could benefit from the programmatic expertise Nova offers through its services. With Nova, anyone can deploy their crypto assets like a DeFi professional without actually having to be one!

Nova Works to Simplify Participation in DeFi for Everyone

It boggles the mind to think about all of the strategies people can use to leverage their assets and increase their holdings through DeFi.

Even the most experienced DeFi users find it difficult to keep track of everything that is happening in the ecosystem. Consequently, this kind of hyper-growth situation puts the vast majority of the world’s population at an even greater disadvantage when encountering DeFi.

Fortunately, Nova cuts through the complexity of participating in DeFi by allowing users to create nAssets and deploy them in pre-programmed strategies for optimizing returns on users’ initial deposits.

All anyone needs to do to begin their DeFi journey with Nova is deposit tokens like USDC, BTC, or SOL into the nAsset framework, and Nova’s innovative approach to DeFi does the rest of the work.

How Users Can Leverage nAssets to Build Robust Portfolios

By creating nAssets, the value of a user’s deposited underlying assets can be split into different tokens and deployed into different strategies. What’s noteworthy about Nova’s gateway to DeFi is that all of these actions are performed automatically through the power of code and without human intervention.

Nova’s users don’t have to spend the time or effort to swap their tokens or research which protocol is currently offering the highest yields or returns, because Nova’s smart contracts do all of this work for them. The best yield strategy today might not be the same tomorrow, but Nova makes sure nAssets are deployed where the highest yields can be found.

One way to think about Nova is having 24/7 access to financial management free of the barriers to entry that exist in traditional finance. Nova invites the world to reap the benefits of DeFi no matter their location, background, or education–creating a truly democratic financial system for the globe.

Nova Puts Users in Control of Their DeFi Participation

When users interact with Nova’s portfolio-building technology, they maintain full control and transparency of what their assets are doing and how they are used. Deposited assets can be withdrawn at any time.

In the same way users are in full control of their laptop or smartphone, users have full control over the automated system Nova has set up for their nAssets. Nova’s smart contracts provide up-to-date strategies for each user to build their portfolio, and users are not bound to remain in whatever strategy they have chosen.

Once users unwrap their nAssets back into the asset that was originally deposited, their balance will reflect the gains and losses made while deployed in the DeFi ecosystem at the time they are withdrawn.

The Growth of DeFi Depends on Onboarding the Next Generation of Users

Nova’s philosophy focuses on access, optimization, and automation within the “internet of value” DeFi has unlocked for anyone who wants to participate. By participating in DeFi through Nova, everyone can have the opportunity to improve their portfolio.

Less than two years ago, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi stood at less than a billion dollars, but that situation has changed in a big way. DeFi has become a fast-growing ecosystem of smart-contract-enabled financial services that have locked in over $200 billion of value at the time of writing.

Hubble Protocol believes the world should be able to take part in this system and benefit from DeFi’s growth, and everyone should be able to do so as easily as possible. We are proud to work with Nova Finance on this common goal to make sure our beliefs become a reality.

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