Marinade AMA Recap, Avoiding Liquidations, HBB Gaming, and New USDH Liquidity Pool

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! We have tons of news from the community to tell you about this time around.

First off, there’s always a healthy amount of expansion prior to an IDO launch and some contraction after it, and the Hubble community is no different.

In spite of this, we’re happy to share that our community engagement has stayed the same, and of course, our team is still in the trenches, ready to answer any questions you have.  

Hubble is still growing, and feedback of all shapes and sizes is incredibly important to us. So, if you (or that friend you invited to check out Hubble) have anything to share with us, any ideas, or even think we’d be a good fit working with a project you are close with, please do feel free to shout out.

Solana Partner Marinade Finance Cooked Up One Delicious Hubble Protocol AMA

Twitter banner advertising Hubble's AMA with Marinade.

What a great AMA! Thanks to Seb over at Marinade for leading such an amazing hour of Q&A with tons of community involvement.

If you missed out on the live broadcast, you can soon find a recording here on Marinade’s YouTube channel. If you’re more of a reader (or if the recording isn’t up yet!), check out the AMA notes we put together for Twitter.

Manage Your Positions and Avoid Liquidation!

If you’ve tracked the liquidation rewards on the Stability Pool page, you may have noticed that they’ve increased by nearly 17x in one week. Needless to say, there were quite a few liquidations over the last few days, with over $500M across all of DeFi today alone.

Liquidation reward totals from last week compared with a week later.

When you get liquidated, you forfeit all of your collateral to Stability Pool providers. It’s the last thing we want you to experience, so here are some pointers for maintaining a healthy position on Hubble:

  • Borrow at a comfortable LTV.
  • If you’re new to Hubble and DeFi, understand that borrowing at a 70% LTV could be risky, since 20% drops in the crypto market have happened several times in the last year alone.
  • Maintain your comfortable LTV by adding more collateral or repaying some USDH whenever it becomes necessary.
  • Understand how liquidations work on Hubble.
  • If you mint USDH to buy tokens to leverage and deposit those tokens as collateral, then you can lose everything you deposit.
  • Learn about Recovery Mode*. If the system collateral reaches 66.6% LTV and triggers Recovery Mode, you can be partially liquidated if your LTV is also above 66.6%. (*Recovery Mode has since been removed)
  • Understand how the Stability Pool works.
  • If you add USDH to the Stability Pool, it will be used to pay off liquidated accounts.
  • Your USDH deposit will go down over time, but you will accumulate other tokens at a ~9.5% during a dip (buying the super dip!)

As mentioned in the Marinade AMA, the Stability Pool is an amazing piece of technology that helps make liquidations more efficient and reduces the bot traffic on Solana. Hopefully, you won’t become acquainted with this innovation if you maintain a healthy LTV!

Play Your Best on Gonna Make It Games to Win 20 HBB!

Our friends over at Gonna Make It Games are rewarding players who put their gaming skills to the test. If you rise to the challenge, you can earn some HBB by demonstrating your prowess!

All you have to do is play Clash Royale in Battle Mode in an arena greater than four. Then, if you win 12 crowns in four battles in under 14.4 minutes you can win 20 HBB.

Liquidity Pool for USDH-solUST Newly Launched on Saber

You can now add liquidity to the USDH-solUST pair on Saber. The liquidity is low right now, so now is the time to show this liquidity pool some love and earn a larger portion of fees when others swap through this pair.

This is the third liquidity pairing on Saber for USDH to date. You can still earn double-digit APY rewards for participating as a liquidity provider in the USDH-USDC pool and staking on Quarry.

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