Hubble Joins All7, Gets Marinade Feature, and Hits $1.1M Volume on Crema

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Hubble Post. We’ve had a busy week with partnerships and integrations. Here’s a rundown of what you may have missed.

Marius Spoke at Alliance DAO’s All7 Founder Forum

Hubble Protocol has been chosen to enter the most recent cohort of Alliance DAO’s accelerator program, All7. Formerly DeFi Alliance, the accumulated expertise and knowledge packed into Alliance DAO’s team of mentors is astounding, and Hubble is proud to have been chosen as one of the core Solana projects to join Alliance DAO’s seventh cohort.

Marius joined several other Solana founders to discuss their projects and the future of Solana and DeFi. Lots of alpha here if you’re interested in seeing what the next generation of big brain builders had to say:

Direct link to listen:

Marinade and Hubble offer very different services, but both projects are on a mission to create a more decentralized Solana. Read about how we’re increasing the security and liquidity on the world’s fastest blockchain:

While you’re in Marinade territory, check out their recent DAO vote to update their validator strategy. It could lead to onboarding a lot more validators for Solana, and that’s something we all want to see:

USDH Hit $1.1 million in Trade Volume on Crema!

Fresh off our recent AMA with our partners, the liquidity concentrating AMM Crema, USDH saw over a million dollars in trade volume. Pretty great stuff!

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