Hubble Becomes a One-Stop DeFi-Shop with Jupiter Powered Solana Swaps

Now, you can borrow, swap, and earn yield in just one place with Hubble Protocol.

We've officially launched a swap page! Now, you can borrow, swap crypto, and earn yield in just one place with Hubble Protocol.

We’re reducing the number of clicks necessary to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi), and that's huge for making DeFi as accessible as possible for the future of mass adoption.

With the addition of a decentralized exchange (DEX) on our platform, users can easily swap their USDH for more collateral without having to open another tab or interact with another protocol. It's the kind of all-in-one service millions of users have come to expect from interacting with financial institutions that respect their time.

Additionally, the DEX is one of the most basic services in DeFi. So, even if users don’t plan on swapping for extra collateral, and even if users aren’t swapping for HBB to stake, it’s just a pretty good idea to have DEX functionality on board as we expand Hubble for maximum efficiency.

That’s why we’re harnessing the power of Jupiter to make sure our users get the best rates possible from multiple automated market makers (AMMs) on Solana.

How Hubble is Striving to Improve User Experience in DeFi

Hubble has made improving user experience a priority since day one. Our roadmap is chock full of “quality of life” improvements that, when added together, make it easier for users to participate in DeFi.

With this goal in mind, we’re streamlining the user journey on Hubble by adding a swap function powered by Jupiter, the liquidity aggregation engine that hunts down the most capital-efficient routes for nearly any token swap on Solana.

When swapping tokens through Jupiter, it’s possible that you may access tokens from different liquidity pools on different AMMs in order to receive the most tokens at the lowest cost.

If you haven’t been swapping crypto through Jupiter, you’ve been missing out!

Jupiter makes sure users get the best rates possible for their token swaps, and now that we’ve brung this awesome service to Hubble, we’re transforming into a one-stop DeFi shop for the Solana community with the best tools available for our community.

We’re Building Out a Platform to Meet Solana’s DeFi Needs

Hubble Protocol has been supercharging the liquidity of Solana’s DeFi community for almost a year now. Along the way, users have borrowed millions of dollars of value in USDH from the tokens they plan on holding long term.

Once you borrow USDH, you can earn yield on Hubble through the USDH Vault, which has expanded into three separate yield opportunities with liquidation rewards, Stability Fee rewards, and HBB emissions. We’re also building new yield opportunities that will go live in the near future.

Outside of Hubble, there are tons of places to park your USDH to earn yield providing liquidity or lending. We’re constantly looking for ways to increase the adoption of USDH across the Solana ecosystem.

That means working together with the booming number of DeFi protocols that are backed by teams that are as serious about the future of DeFi as we are.

Swap Crypto with Jupiter Aggregator Today on Hubble

The team at Jupiter has done an outstanding job providing Solana with one of the most powerful liquidity aggregators in DeFi. At Hubble, we are super proud to integrate Jupiter's services and make them as easy to access as possible for our users.

Jupiter now serves close to 3,500 routes a day from around a dozen DEXs facilitating Solana swaps. At the time of writing, over $18 billion in swaps have been routed through Jupiter for tokens like SHDW, STEPN, SAMO, DUST, GST, and GMT.

Over 250,000 unique wallets have swapped tokens on Jupiter and we hope to see that number rise now that it has a home on Hubble! Integrations like these will help us transition DeFi towards a more user-friendly financial system as more and more users are onboarded.

As we move forward building through these bearish conditions, we'll continue to leverage the best tools available in DeFi, like Jupiter, to make the user experience on Hubble as friendly as possible no matter what the market looks like.

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