How To: Get Started on Solana - Part 2 - Bridging Tokens

With token bridges like Wormhole and Allbridge, your tokens can be bridged between Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Polygon, and more. Here is Hubble's guide on using token bridges as the second step to getting started on Solana.

If you followed Part 1 of our series "How To: Get Started on Solana," you should have a Solana wallet set up and some SOL to pay for transactions.

Below is a guide on bridging your tokens to Solana from another blockchain, so you can begin depositing them on Hubble Protocol.

In addition to a Solana wallet, you will need a wallet that’s compatible with the source chain you are bridging from, some tokens to pay for gas on the chain you are bridging from, and some SOL.

Bridging Tokens to Solana via Portal

Wormhole Portal Token Bridge Home Page.

The bridging process involves four primary steps, as indicated on the landing page:

  1. Source selection
  2. Target selection
  3. Sending tokens
  4. Redeeming tokens

In this guide, we will be bridging from Ethereum to Solana:

Step 1: Select Source Chain, Target Chain, and Source Token

  • On “Source,” select the chain from which you want to bridge. In this case, the tokens are on the Ethereum blockchain, so Ethereum is selected as our “Source.”
  • “Target” is the chain to which the tokens will be bridged. Select Solana as your “Target.”
  • After selecting Source and Target, click “Connect.” This will prompt a pop-up from the Source wallet, which is MetaMask in this guide.
  • Click “Next” on the MetaMask pop-up.
  • When the wallet is connected, the “Select a Token” button will appear.
  • Select the Source Token. These are the tokens that you want to bridge to and swap on Solana. In this guide, we’ll be bridging USDC from Ethereum.

Note: The “Featured” tokens at the top of the drop-down menu are those with liquidity on Solana, and there are links to the exchanges where you can swap these tokens. Do not select tokens besides those in those in the Featured category. You may accidentally bridge a token with little or no liquidity on Solana, and you won’t be able to swap them.

  • After selecting the token you want to bridge, the interface will display the current balance of the selected Source Token.
  • Select the amount of tokens you want to bridge.
  • Then, click “Next.”

Step 2: Select Target Chain and Connect Target Wallet

  • Select your Target Chain. This is the chain to which you want to bridge your tokens.
  • Click “Select Wallet.” This will prompt a pop-up from the native wallet of your Target Chain. In this guide, we’ll be using Phantom.
  • On the pop-up, click “Connect.”
  • The “Create Associated Account” button will now appear. Click this button to create a token account in your Solana wallet where your tokens will appear.
  • When you click “Create an Associated Account,” a pop-up from the Target Wallet will appear.
  • Click “Approve.”

Step 3: Send Tokens

  • Your Source Wallet will now be connected, and your token’s associated account will be ready. Click “Transfer” to initiate the transaction.
  • Click “Confirm” in the site pop-up.
  • Click “Confirm” in your wallet pop-up. This will approve paying gas to transfer tokens from the chain you want to bridge from.

Note #1: Selecting “Approve Unlimited Tokens” is not recommended.

Note #2: You will be paying transaction fees on the sending as well as receiving side. If bridging from the Ethereum chain, your transaction cost will likely be higher than the cost for completing the bridge on Solana. Make sure you bridge enough tokens in one transaction, so you don't have to pay for expensive gas fees twice.

Step 4: Redeem Tokens

  • Click “Redeem” to initiate the transfer to your Target Wallet.
  • A series of pop-ups (typically four) will appear from your Target Wallet.
  • Approve each of these transactions to continue.

Remember: Transaction fees on the receiving side need to be paid in the Target chain’s native token. In the case of Solana, the transaction fee needs to be paid on SOL. So, you will need to have some SOL in your Target Wallet to redeem your tokens. If you’ve never used the Solana blockchain, you might have 0 SOL.

If you have enough SOL, you can complete the final steps of the process.

Below you can see the final of the four pop-ups from the Solana wallet:

  • Once you approve the transaction, your bridged token will appear in your Target Wallet:

Notice that the USDC bridged to the Solana wallet is Wormhole USDC. This is not the same as USDC, which is native to Solana. To participate in DeFi on Solana, bridged tokens should be swapped for native Solana tokens.

In Part 3 of "How To: Get Started on Solana," we explore options for swapping bridged tokens.

Bridging Tokens to Solana via Allbridge

For the Allbridge guide, we’ll be bridging from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Solana. We’ll be bridging Binance’s own stablecoin, BUSD, throughout the guide.

Navigate to Allbridge to get started:

Step 1: Select Source Chain, Target Chain, and Source Token

  • After connecting your wallet, select the source chain in the "From" dropdown menu, and the target chain in the "To" dropdown menu. In this instance, we will be bridging from BSC to Solana.
  • After choosing source and target chains, select an asset to bridge in the "Choose asset" dropdown menu. We will be transferring BUSD.

Note: The Allbridge platform also shows you the wrapped token you will be receiving on your target chain. It will be abBUSD in this case, which is Allbridge wrapped BUSD.

Note: You can also see which exchange has liquidity for your target token. For abBUSD, we will be using Jupiter.

Step 2: Select Target Wallet Address and Bridge Amount

  • Open your target chain wallet. In this case, our target chain is Solana, so we are using Phantom wallet.
  • Copy your wallet address by clicking on it (top-right).
  • Paste your address in the "Address to send your assets to" field.
  • Enter the amount of your source token you would like to send.
  • Then, click "Send."
  • A pop-up from your source chain wallet will appear.
  • Click "Confirm."
  • This will initiate the transaction that will bridge your tokens to Solana.
  • After confirming to initiate the transaction in your source chain wallet, click "Send" again, and this will prompt another pop-up from your wallet.
  • Click "Confirm" to approve the transaction and send your funds to the bridge.

Step 3: Connect Target Wallet and Send Tokens

  • Click "Connect wallet" to connect your Target wallet.
  • Initiate the transaction, and wait for the notification of success.

Step 4: Receive tokens

  • Click "Receive" to initiate the final step of the process. This will prompt a pop-up from your target chain wallet.
  • Click "Approve" in the pop-up to receive your tokens from the bridge.
  • Your transaction will be processed, and you will receive the following notification:

Allbridge then allows you to navigate straight to Jupiter to swap your wrapped abBUSD tokens to Solana-native tokens, just as in the USDCet example on Saber.

For a comprehensive walkthrough on how to swap your bridge tokens, continue on to read: Part 3 - Swapping Bridged Tokens

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