Everlend Finance Talk: Earn the Best Lending APYs on Solana

Learn how Everlend Finance offers the Best Lending APYs on Solana with its innovative automatic rebalancing and refinancing mechanisms.

Hubble recently had a discussion with Everlend Finance to learn how this new Solana lending aggregator offers the best lending APYs on Solana.

By building on top of well-known Solana Lending platforms, such as Solend Protocol, Tulip, or even Francium, Everlend provides optimized yields thanks to its innovative rebalancing and refinancing lending mechanisms. This is a way to passively participate in positions with the highest lending rates on Solana tokens.

By watching the discussion with the founder of Everlend, users will learn:

  • The basics of crypto lending on Solana
  • How Everlend Finance is different from protocols that offer lending, such as Solend Platform and Tulip?
  • How a lending aggregator works
  • How to use the Everlend Protocol
  • What are the risks?
  • The security measures of Everlend protocol
  • And what's next for Everlend?

Watch the replay with Everlend Solana Lending Aggregator on Hubble's YouTube channel:

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