Hubble DEX, Trading Contest, BitMart Listing, Poker, and Reminders

The latest edition of The Hubble Post has all the alpha from the end of June. Solana Summer is kicking off, and we're holding a trading contest to make it fire.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! The Barcelona Hacker House is now behind us, sadly, but the team had an amazing time meeting other builders on Solana who also made it out to Spain.

Over the next few weeks, at least one member of the Hubble team will be attending the upcoming Solana Hacker Houses across Europe. We're hoping to connect with as many projects as possible and see what we can build together!

If you're attending any of the upcoming Hacker Houses, give us a shout!

And now, the news.

Hubble Launched a Swap Page and Trading Contest with Jupiter Aggregator

The DEX is one of the most powerful primitives in DeFi. Now, Hubble has an in-app DEX that users can easily access from our platform.

The DEX is powered by Jupiter Aggregator, one of the most powerful liquidity aggregation services out there. If you've never experienced swapping tokens through Jupiter, then you're probably missing out on the best rates available.

Tweet of Swap page announcement from Hubble Protocol.

To celebrate the launch of Hubble's Swap page, we're holding a trading contest in partnership with Jupiter and Hello Moon. The very first contest will focus on STEP'N tokens, and there will be $4,000 in GST, GMT, and USDH up for grabs.

The tweet announcing the STEP'N token trading contest.

Hello Moon will track token swaps throughout the duration of the contest and award tickets to users for the frequency and volume of their swaps. A raffle will be held at the end of the contest to find the lucky winners who swapped GST, GSM, and USDH!

HBB Has Been Listed on BitMart Exchange

BitMart Exchange will begin listing HBB starting on July 1st! After two AMAs with the BitMart community and a wave of interest from their followers, we hope that this listing will increase the number of HBB holders worldwide.

Announcement for HBB listing on BitMart.

BitMart facilitates nearly $2 billion in 24-hour trade volume with a little over 600 tokens listed. That brings the number of centralized exchanges where users can obtain HBB up to six, not to mention the many DEXs where HBB trades on Solana!

Poker Night Tonight at 9 PM UTC with 01 Exchange

Ready for another poker night? If you manage to catch this newsletter in time, you can join a game hosted by Hubble and 01 Exchange. The winner gets a Ledger Nano S, and there are additional cash prizes for runners-up.

Tweet of Poker Night announcement shared by 01 Exchange.

Hubble Protocol Recent News Re-Round Up

We've made a lot of announcements lately, and we have quite a few more coming up! So, here's what you may have missed:

  • Deposit stSOL and Earn LDO Rewards
Update about the stSOL rewards program.
  • Set Up NotiFi to Get Liquidation Warnings
Notice that Hubble has integrated NotiFi for liquidation protection.
  • Earn Rewards for Providing Liquidity on Saros
Advertizement for the Saros pools featuring USDH.

Until Next Time

Thanks again for reading The Hubble Post!

If you've been following Hubble since the beginning, you know we're constantly shipping. You can always hop into our Discord and bug the team for more information about what we're doing!

Be safe out there, folks! And if you're on the way to another Hacker House, look out for someone in a Hubble shirt or hat!

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