Get Involved With The Hubble Community Program

Join the Hubble community and help spread the word. We're all in this together, and thank you for participating.

Calling all writers, graphic designers, content creatoors, and most importantly Hubble enthusiasts! Join our mission at Hubble to make USDH a fundamental stablecoin across the Solana ecosystem by getting involved with our Community Program. Put your creative skills to work, and help spread the word about Hubble! Here are some examples of what you can do:

Writing articles about Hubble/USDH

  • This can include educational content such as guides/tutorials, product updates, or technical content such as product/performance analysis, stablecoin content about USDH, etc.
  • Translations of the content we’ve already written are extremely helpful!

Create visual content

  • This can range from infographics and charts to memes, artwork, and other visual guides that come to mind.
  • Video content is welcome too. Check out this guide to Hubble from one of our users Crypto Coyote:
Calling all memelords! We need more USDH memes over here... 

Write up posts and threads about Hubble on Twitter/Reddit, and in any other communities that are relevant to Stablecoins and DeFi

  • Help us spread the word about Hubble in various communities and on Social Media channels. Whether you’re creating original content or engaging in the comments/replies, getting Hubble involved in relevant conversation and bringing more visibility is important.
  • Some good subreddits to consider: r/solana, r/stablecoin, r/yieldfarming and of course, r/USDH
  • A good example of positive interaction on Twitter. Shoutout to
Users are showing their love for USDH.
  • Avoid generic and spammy comments
Please, don't do this.

Anything else that comes to mind!

  • We are always open to ideas and suggestions from members of our community. If you’d like to regularly contribute to the discussion around the Hubble community, we encourage you to check out our Community Council channel, and share your thoughts at our monthly Town Hall.
  • We are very open to suggestions on how we can better incentivize/reward community members for their efforts.

Some great examples we've seen from our community so far:

An introduction to Hubble in Italian from Massimiliano

  • A translation of the Hubble Docs in Chinese from user Alex Y
  • A full guide to Hubble from Crypto Coyote. He’s also got a video on using Marinade Finance’ mSOL on Hubble as well!
  • Hubble Monthly updates from Yzcozy

A strong community is a fundamental part of any project in DeFi. At Hubble, we’ve created an engaged user base that has been extremely active in giving product feedback, sharing innovative proposals and ideas for the growth of the project, generating conversation in our Discord on a daily basis, and much more.

Users have earned $HBB by contributing to the community by detecting bugs, writing tutorials, marketing, and content creation on the fly. The Hubble Discord server is a friendly place, so take the time to join and remember we’re all in this together, so please be polite and refrain from abusive language and FUD.

Our goal is to drive users to mint USDH on Hubble, but educating people and getting Hubble on their radar is the first and most important step. The Hubble Community Program is a way for our fellow Hubble enthusiasts and creatives to directly contribute to the growth of the protocol by educating new users in the Solana ecosystem and their own communities about Hubble and helping onboard them to mint USDH.

We welcome and encourage Hubble enthusiasts to participate from all across the world. You can help by joining the Discord, reading our docs, and starting to contribute to the Hubble community today!

Keep in Touch

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