Barcelona HH, New Collateral, Hubble Community Program, and Props to Humandone!

The latest news from Barcelona!

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! The team is in Spain for the Barcelona Hacker House, and it has been an amazing gathering with everyone getting to meet face-to-face instead of online for the first time.

Meeting with the Solana community is also a massive pleasure, and tons of projects are shaking hands and building on site. It's truly a fantastic scene!

And now, the news.

Hubble Added stSOL as Collateral with LDO Rewards

You can now borrow USDH using stSOL on Hubble. In partnership with Lido Finance, Hubble has whitelisted stSOL for borrowing, and to mark the occasion we're giving away 10,000 LDO tokens to users who deposit and borrow against stSOL.

If you'd like to participate in the rewards event, make sure your borrowing position on Hubble is made up of at least 40% stSOL has an LTV of at least 40% as well. We'll scrape the data at the end of each month and distribute rewards accordingly.

This is an exciting step forward for Hubble, since stSOL is the first new collateral type we've added since launch. Along with this addition comes the possibility for more types of collateral to be added in the near future.

As always, we tested and audited the life out of this change to our smart contracts, and it feels like Christmas now that it has shipped!

We also had an AMA with Lido that was coordinated with this launch, and you can check out the recording here:

Join the Hubble Community Program and Help Build Hubble Awareness

We're not just building a DeFi protocol. We're building a community.

The users who participate in DeFi on Hubble are a great crowd, and we've enjoyed their contributions to the community via the forum, our Discord, and monthly Town Hall events. Now, we're expanding the ways people can get involved.

With the Hubble Community Program, users can contribute content and help brainstorm in a more informal setting than the forum or the Town Hall. We want as many users to get involved as possible, so this is another avenue for participation for those users who can't make it to Town Halls or don't want to write up formal improvement proposals.

You can join the Hubble Community Program through Discord, and we hope to see you join the conversation! Let us know wherever your imagination roams.

Another Week and Another DeFi Forum in the Books

Nirvana recently hosted a forum of DeFi builders on Solana with the Glass Chewers Social Club. Marius was invited to have a chat with other founders about building on the world's fastest public blockchain, and it's just alpha for days.  

It's amazing that these chats get recorded automatically on Twitter. A trove of historical information on DeFi is being produced through these forums, and it will be amazing to see how these sound in a few years. We're definitely early.

Check Out Humandone!

These cats are an integral part of the team. They designed our landing page and Hubble platform–what you see to borrow USDH is all on Humandone, and bravo to them for the great work.

They've made an amazing promo video showing off their skills. If you're looking for a design team, these are your guys.

Until Next Time

We're early, and we're glad you're here, too. Thanks for reading The Hubble Post, and we can't wait to see you in the community. You're a huge part of what we are doing. ¡Hola! to everyone in Barcelona!

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