Backend and Frontend Updates, 2,500 HBB Rewarded, and Forum Notes

This week in The Hubble Post:

  • Latest Protocol Updates
  • 2,500 HBB Rewarded
  • Community Forum Notes

Hubble Smart Contract and UI Updates Rolling Out

Some users noticed Hubble Protocol was down for around thirty minutes over the weekend. The reason: we were updating the borrowing smart contracts!

These updates will let Hubble easily add new collateral types in the future. We’re excited to expand the number of tokens accepted as deposits for minting USDH, and now we’re one major step closer to accepting new collateral.

Sneak peak of the new Hubble UI.

Adding new options for collateral is one of the most common requests we receive from the community for improving Hubble. Next, we’ve also collected a lot of feedback from users about how we can improve the dApp’s UI/UX, and we’re integrating this feedback right away.

Fresh after the launch of our mobile UI, we’re getting ready to launch a wholly revamped design for both desktop and mobile users. Expect a lot more than a just new color scheme!

Even sneakier peak of the new Hubble UI.

We don’t want to show off too much too soon, but we hope you enjoy these few sneak peeks as a thank you for reading The Hubble Post!

Around 2,500 HBB Shipped for Bug Bounty Rewards

A lot of the UI/UX recommendations we gathered from the community came from a DevNet bug bounty program we launched in December. During the program, we announced that users would be rewarded with 50-150 HBB for their feedback, and we’ve finally finished sending out rewards.

In total, around 2,500 HBB were sent out in several batches over the course of last month.

Hubble rewarded around 2,500 HBB to users contributing feedback.

Users have been contributing all sorts of insights into how we can improve Hubble’s frontend for months, and we want to make sure they know how much we appreciate them for helping Hubble. It’s astounding how much effort some users put into providing feedback!

If you received a message about earning HBB for your contribution, but didn’t receive any HBB, create a support ticket on the Hubble Discord. We’ll figure out what happened and make sure you get your fair share of the rewards.

Read Hubble’s March Community Forum* Notes

Last week, we reported that Hubble will be hosting a Community Forum on Discord to coordinate and communicate with our users. We conveyed the reasons for some big changes coming to the protocol and had a great conversation with the community.

In short, Hubble will implement a Stability Fee and a Peg Stability Module to increase the strength of USDH’s peg with the dollar. We’ll also get rid of Recovery Mode and the redemptions mechanism that would have gone into effect recently.

You can read more about what went down last Thursday in a report on the Community Forum in our blog.

*The Hubble Community Forum has been renamed the Community Town Hall to reduce confusion with the Hubble Forum.

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