August Town Hall, One-step Wallet Transfers, and Famous Fox NFT Contest

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! We're glad you're here, checking on what Hubble has been up to lately, and boy, oh boy, there's a lot going on.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! We're glad you're here, checking on what Hubble has been up to lately, and boy, oh boy, there's a lot going on.

Unfortunately, we have to hold our cards close to our chest. It would be amazing to give everyone a sneak peek...but that would ruin all the fun! If you're a die-hard fan of Hubble, you might be able to wrangle a preview 😉.

Marius hinted at something big coming up in Hubble's latest Town Hall, but he couldn't go into details other than saying, "It will complement Hubble and USDH." What we can say is that we've onboarded a quant to the team, and we're pushing the cutting edge of DeFi–but that's always been the point.

You can catch up on the Town Hall notes here:

We discussed recent updates, where Hubble is headed on the roadmap (recently updated), and clarified some questions from the community about the treasury. Make sure to join us next month for another Town Hall, and bring some popcorn.

Transfer Account Ownership from Wallet A to Wallet B with Ease

We all recently experienced a bit of a nightmare scenario where an attacker drained thousands of wallets over several hours. It was a wake-up call for many of us, and many users began rotating their wallets as a precaution.

To make it a whole lot easier to transfer Hubble accounts from wallet to wallet, the devs implemented a feature that allows users to move their loans, HBB stake, and USDH position in the Stability Vault to a new wallet with the click of a button.

Rotating wallets regularly can help reduce the chances of falling victim to an exploit, and Hubble has made this once tedious task of un-staking and re-staking positions a breeze. You can read more about how to use the one-click ownership transfer feature in our article on the update.

If you're interested in learning more about some basic DeFi security measures, check out our latest blog post on the subject.

Win a Famous Fox Federation NFT for Trading FOXY on Jupiter

The Solana Summer Trading competition is heating up with Hubble, Jupiter, and Hello Moon working together to reward users for their trades. We've already thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and now we're giving away two very in-demand NFTs to two lucky winners.

By trading $FOXY through, you can earn raffle tickets and a chance to win an NFT from one of the most active communities on Solana. You can earn tickets by meeting several criteria:

We'd like to thank the folks at SolanaFM for including Hubble in their latest exploration of the Solana DeFi universe! You can check out their report, and some nice coverage of Hubble here:

Until Next Time

Stay safe and hold onto your hats. Next week should see some interesting additions to collateral, and we may be able to give some more hints about what we've been planning and executing behind the scenes.

Join us to find out more!

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