$750M USDH Volume, Hubble Native Yield, and Star Atlas Trade Contest

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post, the last newsletter until our next big announcement. Can you wait?

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hubble Post! The countdown clock is ticking on our big announcement, and this will most likely be the last newsletter published before we start shouting from rooftops what we've been keeping secret.

We can't tell you what's happening for a few more days, but the time to reveal what Hubble has been brewing is so close we can nearly taste it. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears wide open. Something huge this way comes!

And now for the news that isn't under embargo:

Total USDH Trade Volume Has Hit the $750M Mark

USDH's total trade volume has hit another milestone by crossing the $750 million threshold. That adds up to nearly half of the current DeFi TVL on Solana!

Here are a few more interesting numbers from the books:

  • $45.8 million USDH minted all-time
  • $104.8 million in all-time collateral
  • 10,877 USDH holders since launch

If you're one of the 10,877 users who have minted, held, or earned yield from lending or LPing USDH, major props for being here this early. We can't wait to see where these numbers end up in the coming months!

Hubble Native Yield Landing Sooner than Later

A proposal has hit the Hubble Forum to raise Stability Fees to 1%. By raising Stability Fees, Hubble helps increase the demand for USDH on the market as users will pay down their loans to avoid paying more fees.

This is an excellent tool for defending USDH's peg when it falls below $1.00, and it's also a way to generate yield for users who stake their USDH.

Here's a peak at what the Stability Fees could meen for users who stake their USDH in the Stability Vault. These numbers have been taken from the proposal, and you can find the maths behind these figures on the Hubble Forum:

Potential Stability Fee APRs

  • 1% SF: 2.28%
  • 2% SF: 4.56%
  • 3% SF:  6.85%
  • 4% SF:  9.12%
  • 5% SF:  11.4%

Additionally, if you add up the Stability Fees, the average returns from liquidations, and HBB emissions, a 1% Stability Fee boosts the Stability Vault's APR to 17.05%. Some would say that's a really nice APR for USDH, and most of it derives from real yield generated by users on the protocol!

Win Up to $2,000 by Trading Start Atlas Assets on Jupiter

The Solana Summer Trading Competition is still underway! Hubble has teamed up with Jupiter and Hello Moon to give away thousands of dollars worth of rewards over the summer to users who trade certain assets for a weekly period.

This week, we're going to reward traders who swap ATLAS or POLIS with up to $2,000 worth of prizes. All you have to do to enter the competition is trade one of these tokens through Jupiter Aggregator, and we'll track everything from the backend.

Until Next Time

Ok, this is it! By this time next week, we'll be covering the big brouhaha that we've been so coy about for ages. We hope everyone will be pleasantly surprised with what's to come–if you're not, well then you should see someone about that.

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