$100K USDH Rewards, Republic Features Hubble, and UI Updates

Hubble's first month has drawn to a close; here is the latest news and updates on the concluding week, including the $100K rewards milestone, the Republic podcast, and new UI updates.

Welcome to another edition of The Hubble Post. March has arrived, and it’s hard to believe Hubble Protocol launched a little over a month ago!

Here are a few updates on what’s happening with Hubble Protocol this week. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes we can’t reveal just yet, but it's been an eventful week in the Hubble camp, with plenty of updates to share.

$100K in USDH Rewards Distributed to HBB Stakers

Users who stake HBB are rewarded with USDH, Hubble’s censorship-resistant stablecoin. Not only does HBB staking earn users passive income, but it also contributes to Hubble's long-term goal of building a sustainable DeFi protocol.

Since Hubble’s launch, over $100,000 in USDH rewards have been distributed to HBB stakers, and you can join in on the rewards by Staking HBB on the Hubble App at the click of a button.

$100,000 of USDH rewards have been distributed to HBB Stakers.

Republic specializes in curating investment opportunities across a wide range of industries, including crypto. To date, they've facilitated investments worth over $500 million according to their website.

In a recent article featured on Republic’s crypto blog, the importance of USDH as a decentralized stablecoin was discussed in relation to the rise of DeFi on Solana.

Hubble article on Republic.com Blog.

The article points out that Hubble Protocol is “building the next layer of money Legos on Solana,” which is quite a significant statement considering how quickly the Solana DeFi ecosystem is expanding.

Marius, Hubble’s project lead, had a sit-down with Republic’s Head of Crypto, Brian Johnson, and its Crypto Investment Analyst, Adit Dave, during an AMA on Thursday.

If you missed out on the live session, you can find the AMA notes on Hubble’s Twitter. A live recording will also be released soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our blog for the update!

Hubble Protocol Launches UI Updates Ahead of Facelift

Hubble Protocol will soon unveil a totally revamped user interface and mobile-friendly design.

We've already added a few updates as a taste of what's to come. On the Stats Page you'll now find a System Health bar and a graph charting the distribution of Deposited Collateral types.

Hubble new UI sneak peek.

In the coming weeks, expect the launch of a sleek and sexy UI with tons of new features and visuals on the Stats page.

Hubble Live Community Forum

Community input and feedback are central to Hubble's decision-making process, and we're looking to broaden our feedback channels even more.

Next week, we'll be having our first Community Forum, live on Hubble's Discord. Marius, Hubble's project lead, will be discussing a wide range of topics with the community, and we'd love you to get involved!

Keep an eye out on our Twitter for the official announcement.

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